Journal History

The Journal was first published in September 2006 with the first Editor-in-Chief in the person of Prof E.U.L. Imaga. After Imaga came Prof U.J.F. Ewurum as the second Editor-in-Chief. The launching of the journal at that time was in response to the challenges observed in the practice of current theories of management in the interest of our economy. This assisted the Department of Management to take its proper place in the University transformation for more global visibility through academic research and publications. For the Department of Management to settle for anything less would be reneging in our implicit responsibilities to bear the banner of this Great Department in particular and the University in general.

Aim of the Journal

The Nigerian Journal of Management Research (JMR) is designed to publish original findings of research outcomes, theoretical articles, and research contributions in the area of Business Administration raising issues that facilitate exchange of views. This journal intent captures a forum of managerial experts, who share common interests in the understanding of various problems related to contemporary society. All articles submitted are subjected to peer review.