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Volume 12, Issue 1 Now Available

The Latest Issue of the Nigerian Journal of Management Research (NJMR) is now available in print and online. Students, Staff, and Interested Persons can obtain physical copies at:

The Department of Management,

Faculty of Business Administration,

University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Enugu.


This issue discusses topics that include:

  1. Gastronomy Tourism
  2. Corporate Governance and Working Capital Management
  3. Gender and Ethnic Diversity Of Board Committees
  4. Effect of Strategic Business Units on Organizational Profitability


View the online issue for free at http://www.njmronline.org/archive/ and read all of the industry-critical articles, diagrams and infographics authored by a veteran team of industry experts and academicians.

Since its inaugural issue in 2006, The Nigerian Journal of Management Research has become a trusted source for information on trending and influential topics in the area of Business Administration.

For More Information, Contact: 0803 668 6027, 0803 534 1902, 0803 472 2636.

Dr. A.I. Ogbo, Ph.D



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